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Content Marketing Agency !!

Our professional approach and research-based strategic marketing approach is focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Our content marketing services are designed on the basis of extensive market research and unique content generation for promoting your products or services.

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What Content Marketing Services?

Content Marketing Agency in India

Creation !!

Blog Articles, Ebooks & Case Studies, Infographics, Videos & Graphic Designs: It is essential for your brand to make their presence online to make an impact in today’s content flooded market and the best possible way to do this is with creative and interactive content. Right from planning and strategy stage through to design, creating, publication and promotion Ink Results will go with you hand in hand at every step on the way.

Content Marketing Services in India

Strategy !!

Interactive & Informative content is nobody without an even better content marketing plan. At Ink Results, we make some splendid content and develop an even better breathtaking approach. Our team is dedicated to meeting your targets and purposes while extending to your target consumers with the huge range of content concepts. We take care of your content drive right from the start till the end also improvising it without any errors.

Content Marketing Services in India
Content Marketing Agency

Marketing !!

Every corner of the internet provides a chance for your brand to be displayed and publicized. At Ink Results, our team loves to spread its magic in support with a mighty content drive. CONTENT MARKETING means creating and sharing free informative content to attract and convert the audience into customers. We refresh your brand with content which is SEO friendly, designed to be helpful and attracts the audience and eventually adding advantage to your business. Content marketing is sure to work since it gives clients the information about what they want to know and how your business works to solve their problems.

Content Marketing Services

Social Media Content
Marketing !!

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your content marketing impact on social media? Interactive & Informative content is nobody without Social Media Marketing. We take care of your complete social media content marketing cycle, from strategy to creation to promotion to measurement. We advertise and promote content on all leading social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

Content Marketing Services

Our Content Marketing Services Process

At InkResults our team will devise a content marketing strategy that will assist your business in preparing and planning for Digital Marketing. Content Marketing is about educating target audience with informative content and content marketing not only used to increase leads but also to generate awareness about your brand amongst your target audience.

Discovery Phase

Our team will study your competitors; understand the market and the problems faced by your ideal customers. We will build the content based on your customers request rather than writing about what you probably think the readers want. We will collaborate with your marketing team and other important stakeholders to understand your current content marketing requirement.

Strategy Phase

At InkResults, our expert team will use the wide range of data resources of existing content that are available, identify areas of possible growth, understand what works with your audience, what doesn’t and analytic approach to discover perceptions that will give out more information regarding planned content prospects for your business.

Implementation Phase

Based on the Strategy that has been put together, our creative designers and content marketing specialists will translate the idea into a visual design. The plan contains all the necessary information about how informative the article should be and how interactive the visual should be.

Launch Phase

During the implementation phase, we will decide on the platform and launch content to make sure that the perfectly planned content is available to recognize key characters.

Execution Phase

This is where the content calendars turn out to be handy putting your business right on track for publishing innovative content on your website & Social Media accounts. We manage the regular production and management of visual content, tracking and reporting it back to measure how far the set target has been achieved.

Test and Refine

Our team will track the data gathered from the web and various social channels through our content workflow program to regularly modify the same to get it into line with the strategy that has been devised to meet your business requirements.

Why Is Content Marketing Services Important for Your Business

Right from the time when there has been a huge rise of Social Media, several brands have got varying opportunities to communicate with their consumers at a personal level while gaining their loyalty and also giving them a reason to trust in their business. In today’s fast-paced digital world, content marketing has been leading the way to create brand awareness, stay connected with the target audience, build trust and display your ability.

Some of the reasons why content marketing is important are:
Customer Development:
Content which gives useful information will develop a long-term relationship between business and customers enticing enough to create engagement. Providing your customer valuable information for following you gives them a reason for trusting in your brand. Also regularly publishing content at specified times will provide followers effectively to check in with your brand.

Increased Name Recognition:
Delivering quality content at regular intervals will increase your brand authority over the niche and also builds trust from your consumers. This ability to gain customer’s trust will help see a drastic change in sales ratio.

Know your Customers:
Content Marketing through Social Media gives an opportunity to understand more about their behavior and interests by their comments and engagement. Based on which the customer needs could be understood and also their demographics, age etc for detailed analysis. Useful and informative content will give an opportunity to initiate engagement from your customers.

Finally Words: Creating great visual & informative content graphics is a very time-consuming process. Re-distributing content is one way to justify the effort that you have put into creating it. Before Starting the marketing, It is also important to detailed research about which social media network has most of your target audience.

InkResults – Digital Content Marketing Agency India

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