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InkResults is a performance-oriented Facebook Advertising agency based in Hyderabad, India. Facebook Advertising channel is one of the most powerful tool available currently that permits advertisers to stay connected with their targeted consumers.

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What Facebook &
Instagram Marketing

Facebook Marketing Services in Hyderabad

Few Of Facebook Ad targeting Options

Facebook Marketing Agency in India

Advertising for
Page Likes

Our team of experts aims at increasing the number of likes of your business page using “Facebook Page Likes ad campaigns” among your target audience. The primary focus is increasing the Facebook business page likes through creative and attractive ad campaigns among the targeted audience.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Advertising For Posts &
Events Engagement !!

Our team uses “Post Boosting Advertisement” to ensure that the post reaches to everyone who already have liked your Facebook page and who might be interested in your brand and can be a potential client. “Event boosting ads” are known for targeting your business audience and inviting them to an event.

Facebook Advertising Agency
Instagram Marketing Agency

Advertising For
App Installs !!

We will design Mobile App ads to promote your app amongst the mobile users. This advertising fits perfectly to your business requirement if your intention is to make your business consumers or target audience install the APP or Game. We will not just target with iOS/Android options, with so many advanced targeting tactics we make sure your app reaches the right audience.

Facebook Marketing Services Hyderabad

Advertising For
Video Views !!

Our team of experts at Ink Results use “Facebook Video campaign ads” which is another form of Link Click ads. The best part about this advertisement is that the whole advertising will be in video format & to create interest to the target audience before even landing on your website.

Facebook Marketing Services Hyderabad
Facebook Marketing Agency India

Advertising For
Website & Leads !!

“Website Traffic Ads” are the best amongst those available in the market if you wish to push your target audience to your website or to your e-commerce store. “Facebook Lead Ads” are exclusively designed to increase the leads for your business also enabling the consumers to download or sign up for your offer by providing the contact details.

Instagram Marketing Services

Daily Interactive
Posts !!

It is not just sufficient that your target audience will just like the page once, it is important that they are engaged to all your posts which will increase sales for your business and create awareness about your brand/services. We strongly believe in creating interactive posts to keep them engaged with your business will increase the business sales ratio.

Instagram Marketing Services

Our Facebook & Instagram Marketing Services Process

Our team initially gets to know more about your business, your target audience, and your marketing requirements. Based on which we will create result-driven Facebook ads strategy which will focus on finding your target audience on Facebook, keep them engaged in an appropriate way and meet your marketing needs.
Identifying Business Goals

We understand and identify your business goals and brand objectives. Our expert team will devise a Facebook ads strategy for your business to ensure that there will be more engagement, more leads and more sales.


Our team uses “Facebook Advanced Targeting” features that enable the ads to be placed right in front of the audience who matter most. We target the people who are interested in your product and give them more information about your services thereby making advertising more effective.

Creatives Development

Our team creates ads which will make your business stand out from the crowd with interactive and creative ad designs. We will gather all the necessary information together about your business to see what works for your market and design a strategy that gets best results for your business from your consumers.

Optimising the adverts

Our team of Facebook ad specialists are well experienced to implement best Facebook Marketing Strategies to get best results. Our team keep optimising the ad campaigns to reduce the PPC price and get the best return on investment.

Scaling your Campaigns

If you can’t measure your results, you can’t improve. Our team will not only devise a marketing campaign to increase your sales but also scales ad campaigns and see what’s working best for client business. We measure the campaign success by scaling the user engagement, sales, and our detailed data analytics to improve future ad campaigns.

Analytics & Reporting

We prepare a detailed report after each and every advertisement to make you understand our efforts and the success of ad campaigns. Further, an analysis is made to devise a future strategy to make changes that will improvise the advertisement performance.

Advantages Of Facebook & Instagram Marketing Services

Facebook & Instagram are the mainly used Social Media networks which also are the most powerful ones among those currently available. Promoting your business on Facebook & Instagram can give great exposure for your business also increasing the website traffic, raise in search ranking, generating quality leads for your business all at affordable marketing costs.

Create Brand Awareness: Facebook & Instagram are the most dominant social networks that are used to get effective brand identification for your business. Promoting your business with Facebook & Instagram over the traditional methods will benefit by spreading your brand to several people at faster rate effortlessly. For any business to withstand the competition over a long time it is essential that creating brand awareness is the foremost marketing goal.

Facebook Ads cost-effective: Facebook & Instagram marketing is probably the most affordable channel of any marketing tactic that is prevailing. When compared to other internet marketing methods Facebook & Instagram advertising could be more than 10 times economical.

Advanced targeting options: Facebook & Instagram advertising methods provide effective targeting choices in order to reach the precise prospective customer. Not only geolocation, businesses can target their consumers using age, gender, mobile, and interests etc.

Stay connected with your customers: Choosing Facebook & Instagram marketing is not just about increasing your business sales instead it is two-way communication modes where you can stay connected with your business clients and communicate with them. Staying in touch with your business clients, respecting their opinions & reviews about your business will keep them faithful to your brand.

Website Traffic & Sales: Your Facebook & Instagram business pages are two pillars of your website. Facebook & Instagram marketing are great methods to drive traffic to your website or E-commerce store which will also proportionally increase your business sales.

InkResults – Facebook & Instagram Marketing Services Agency in Hyderabad, In India

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