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Paid Marketing and App Store Optimization are two methods of app marketing. App Store Optimization is all about optimising your app for the app store and ranking your app for particular keywords. Paid marketing is about marketing your app through different ad networks like Facebook, Google etc.

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What Mobile App Marketing Agency?

Mobile App Advertising Agency

App Store ( IOS )
Play Store ( Android )
Optimisation !!

One of the toughest challenges faced by any business owner is to get their app recognized amongst the consumers from over 2 million mobile apps in the topmost app stores. App Store Optimization will give your app more visibility in Apple’s App Store and Android Play Store. By optimizing indexed copy like title and keywords after carefully choosing the app’s category we will help the right users to find your app easily even in a jam-packed market. To increase downloads for an app, the icon, preview video, and screenshots of the app have to be optimized.

IOS App Marketing Services

Social Media
Marketing !!

It is not just about building a proper business app rather it is about how to get it known to more number of relevant consumers. Beginners who have just set off with app marketing might find this extremely scary with the huge competition prevailing. Facebook, Instagram, and several other social media marketing methods with their hundreds of millions of users provide a perfect platform to advertise and market about your app. The best thing about advertising your app using popular Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter is the extensive reach among potential users and targeting people who are related to your business.

IOS App Marketing Services
Android APP Marketing Services

Apple Search &
Google Play Store PPC Ads !!

There are nearly 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store which raises a question about how to get your app found. Apple is permitting advertisers to bid on keywords which will emerge their ad to take place among the top search results of App Store which is quite similar to the Google Play Store Advertisement.

Mobile App Marketing Services in India

Adwords PPC
Marketing !!

Every mobile app owner will definitely want best quality traffic & downloads for their iOS and Android app. Search Engine Marketing Google Adwords (PPC) is a most powerful and accountable program channel available if you want to grow your Mobile APP Downloads. Our Mobile App marketing experts target on your customers with right keywords and demographics and increase the quality score for PPC campaigns to reduce the price per click and make PPC marketing affordable.

Mobile App Marketing Services in India
Mobile App Advertising Agency

Social Media Branding
& Management !!

InkResults manages all your Mobile App Social Media Accounts while consistently posting updates about your Mobile APP & advantages. We will keep your consumers connected with you through social media accounts. Using awesome and interactive graphic designs creates interest among your target audience to interact with your app.

App Marketing Agency

Content Marketing *
Blogging !!

It’s fact that consumers are 30 times more likely to invest time in visual content. Content marketing for a mobile app is all about developing visual content like video promos and creative designs and explaining about the App. The other part of content marketing is about educating your customers about the issue while promoting your app mobile as a solution.

App Marketing Agency

Our Mobile App Marketing Services Process

Mobile app marketing strategy is more about understanding your business and discovering your potential target audience. We will create a proper marketing strategy to discover potential audience and interact with them with creative designs and convert them into consumers.
Identifying Business Goals

We understand and identify your Mobile APP marketing goals and objectives. We plan clearly an outline of deliverables and measurable business goals like App installs etc. for your mobile app. To develop a marketing strategy it is essential to first recognize the business goals such that a set of marketing objectives can be defined to support them.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

It is not necessary to do exactly as your competitor when getting more information instead it is important to know what are the marketing tactics they use. Based on this we come to an understanding about what is fetching them more app installs & engagement and the sources working best for them. The main idea is only to understand what’s prevailing in the market and what your customers are engaged with.

Advertising & Optimization

We implement planned social media strategy & PPC advertising to achieve your business goals. We make sure our advertisements are very interactive and reach our targeted audience. ( Brand awareness, Return on Investment, Sales ratio etc. )

Management & Moderation

After pushing advertisements, our team takes the responsibility of managing all your mobile app ad campaigns. We manage all your social media accounts with interactive and creative postings to get the most from advertising campaigns.

Analytics & Reporting

We prepare a detailed report after each and every advertisement to make you understand our efforts and the detailed outcome of results. Further, an analysis is made to devise a future strategy to make changes that will improvise the advertisement performance.

A Starter Guide For Mobile App Advertising Marketing

These days’ people spend an average of 30 hours per week on mobile Apps, mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily micro-moments. Mobile app marketing follows a complex procedure which takes up a lot of time and effort. Every app owner comes across a primary challenge of getting recognition for the app and the best strategies used for this might include organic and paid app marketing channels.

The design is not what you like rather it is how it performs. It is necessary that using app should be fun to use and interactive however it is the value of this app to the customer during its usage that also plays the key role.

Before Launch:
After developing a high-end mobile application, it is time to focus on methods to market it to the targeted audience. Right from the beginning of app development, it is suggested to design a marketing plan even before launching it. First and foremost focus should be to get all details about the market and your target audience behavior.

Optimizing App Store:
Your app will be included in the App Store & Play Store search list based on your keywords. Optimization of App Store & Play Store is a process quite similar to optimizing a website. Here are the few things you should consider while optimizing your app in App Store / Play Store. App name, choosing the right category, finding appropriate keywords, promoting using Videos, Screenshots & reviews.

Promote Your App: Here are few paid & organic methods to promote your app. Choose your app marketing method wisely to get better Return On Investment.
App-Install Campaigns (CPI ads)
Paid Social Media Ads
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
Email Campaigns

App Store Optimization & SEO
Social Media Shares
Company/Brand Website/Blog
Earned media

Pitch your product to journalists and bloggers who specialized in technology and mobile devices. Be prepared enough to answer all the questions thrown at you and also pay attention to bugs which might be recognized or UX / UI recommendations given. Also, provide sufficient time for the participating journalists and bloggers to play around with the application and write a well thought out story or review without restricting on the time.

Engage Influencers:
Influence Marketing is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing methods, which has huge potential to increase awareness about your mobile app.  And Influence Marketing, influence the decision of the audience regarding downloading the app or using the app. It is important to cautiously choose the bloggers who have an impact on your audience, give them a clear description of the app, a chance to try it out on their own, and describe how it will be beneficial to their readers.

Website / Landing Page:
If it is a business application then there must be a page made on your website giving more information about it. It should also consist all the necessary details about the application while also linking to the applications in the stores. Creating a website about the app give the best possible opportunity to say more about your product without any limits unlike the restrictions enforced while describing it in app/play stores. Get creative and assure people to use your application.

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