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Search Engine Marketing Agency !!

Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords PPC) is a most powerful and accountable program channel available for your business to grow consumers. We are specialized in creating most profitable Google Adwords campaigns with maximum Return on Investment.

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What Search Engine Marketing Company

Search Engine Marketing Agency in India

Search Engine Marketing
 & PPC !!

InkResults manages all your campaigns across various PPC platforms available like Google Adwords, Yahoo & Bing Ad center. Our SEM/PPC marketing experts target on your right customers and achieve your ROI goals with our in-depth tracking and result based campaign management.

PPC Management Agency

Marketing !!

Our successful campaigns across the leading display advertisements (Google Adwords, Bing Ad center etc) networks increase your business sales ratio. Display Marketing is not only used to make sales but also to convert your business into a BRAND.

PPC Management Agency
Search Engine Marketing Agency in Hyderabad

Marketing !!

Extend your marketing reach, generate additional revenue and increase ROI with our effective re-marketing campaigns. Re-Marketing is a clever way to follow your website visitors who may not have made an immediate purchase or service request.

PPC Management Agency Hyderabad

Product Listing
Ads !!

Our engaging Product Listing Ad campaigns help your business to sell your products more effectively and increase the top line revenue. We will not only manage your campaigns but also give you better performance product listing ad campaigns specially tailored to meet your business goals.

PPC Management Agency Hyderabad
PPC management Agency in Hyderabad

Mobile Ad
Campaigns !!

We craft personalized and optimized mobile ad campaigns that enhance your brand customers mobile experience. Our expert’s design custom-made and improved mobile ad strategies which enrich your brand’s mobile Advertisement Campaigns.

PPC Management Agency in India

Optimization !!

Our CRO services at InkResults focus on increasing the conversion rates on your website while incorporating the best testing platforms and tools available in the market. Our CRO services are aimed to increase sales by optimising landing pages for your ad campaigns.

PPC Management Agency in India

Our Search Engine Marketing & PPC Management Process

Requirement Gathering -> Analysis of Business Goals -> Comprehensive website Audit -> Competitor Analysis -> Campaign Structuring -> Keyword Strategy -> Account Planning & Strutting -> Finalising campaign Strategy -> Implementing Tracking Mechanism -> Go Live _ Management & Maintenance -> Monitoring KPI & Web Analytics -> Refining Keyword List – Tweaking & Testing -> Client Reporting
Identifying Business Goals

We focus on understanding your business goals are and the primary reason as to why you are planning to choose for Google Adwords advertising for your business.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Our team of Market & Competitor Research examines the current behavior of the market, your competitors, the advertising methods they are following and the response given by their consumers. Based on the information gathered, we will design best advertising plan ( strategy ) based on your business requirement to keep you much ahead of your competitors.

Strategy & Execution

After analyzing the Adwords strategy plan, best-converting keywords & Keyword Phrases for advertising we will plan the budget tactic to apply and pioneering methods to carry on our advertising plan without any flaws.

Advertising & Optimization

We create advertising campaigns that aptly fits into your business requirement and closely monitor campaign performances. We improve ad campaigns and their quality score to reduce Price Per Click and rank the ad on the top position while excluding the traffic which does not meet your business requirements.

Management & Moderation

We are Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certified partners that manage and moderate all your PPC, Display & Re-Marketing campaigns and make sure all the campaigns are well performing.

Analytics & Reporting

We will have meetings every week with our clients about ad performance and advertising return on investments. We make sure that the client is well informed about the advertising strategy that we are using and the changes which are in progress. We report client with in-depth analytics and reports.

Advantages Of Search Engine Marketing – PPC Management

Search Engine Marketing is a prominent converting and valuable marketing channel to develop your business and improve sales. PPC (Google Adwords) is one of the most used Search Engine Marketing Advertising channel used by business owners.

You only pay when an interested person clicks: The advantage of using Adwords PPC Advertisement is the charges from advertising network will be imposed when a visitor clicks on PPC Ad and lands on the website. When any particular keyword is searched and clicked then it means that the visitor is exclusively interested in the searched service.

Measurable & Trackable: All Google Adwords and PPC ads are measurable and trackable. Further, we can also see which are the ad groups and keywords that are getting more clicks along with the location, OS and the type of ad is making sales. We can also measure the duration of website browsing, all this will increase the chances of improvising ads for the better return on investment.

Quick Entry – Fast Results: SEO is a long-term marketing strategy when compared to SEM that fetches faster results in the quickest entry. As soon as we create a campaign on Google or Bing will start showing up ads that will lay a path for people to visit your website. No more waiting for organic keyword rankings.

Reach the Right audience: Unlike Social Media Marketing which focuses on promoting your services to a group of people, PPC Adwords targets only certain people who are searching for products with keywords matching business services. With this PPC Adwords marketing channel, the budget spent on marketing will lessen and we can see the high difference in return on invest plan.

PPC Allows You to Track ROI with Conversion Pixels: Conversion is an action taken by a visitor in your website like sign up, purchase, contact form submission etc. Conversion pixels is a piece of javascript code that gives more information about our advertisement performance on particular keywords, browsers and device compatibility which will help us in adjusting our ad campaigns, landing pages etc.. for a better return on investment.

PPC is Actually Affordable: It is usually thought that PPC/Google Adwords advertisement is quite pricey however when PPC is done in the correct way it becomes affordable fitting your budget. When you optimise your ads and increase ads quality score Google will charge very less amount since it is a targeted advertisement. If the main focus is on increasing return on investment PPC is quite affordable.

InkResults – PPC Management Agency

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