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Social Media Marketing Agency !!

InkResults Designs your Social Media Strategies to fasten your business sales ratio and effectively enhances Social Media Relationships with your customers. Further, our team creates a Social Media Marketing Plan to raise your brand awareness with higher conversion rates.

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Our Recent Social Media Branding

What Social Media Marketing !!

Social media Marketing Agency In Hyderabad

Facebook & Instagram

We promote and advertise your business on Facebook & Instagram. Facebook & Instagram has more targeting possibilities for advertising like people by demographics, locations, education, work, interests, behaviors etc. For More Information on Facebook & Advertising please Click Here

Social Media Advertising Agency in Hyderabad

Marketing !!

We manage and advertise your business on Twitter to keep you connected with your customers. Twitter is a better platform to stay connected to your customers and understand their problems about your services or products.

Social Media Advertising Agency in Hyderabad
Social Media Management Agency in Hyderabad

Marketing !!

With our experience with LinkedIn advertising, we ensure effective results for B2B business customers. LinkedIn is exclusively known for personalized email advertisements for target audience inbox. LinkedIn generates more leads for B2B companies than Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging individually.

Social Media Management Agency in India

Other Social Media
Channels !!

Not only Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter we manage and promote your business on other social media channels like Google Plus, Pinterest, Quora and some niche discussion communities to make sure your brand is visible everywhere.

Social Media Management Agency in India
Social Media Marketing Agency in India

Social Media Branding
& Management !!

InkResults manages all your social media profiles while consistently posting updates about the latest products or services of your business. We will keep your consumers connected with current offers and upcoming events related to your business. Using awesome and interactive graphic designs will differentiate your business from the rest in the industry. Check our Creative Company Branding Page

Social Media Advertising Agency in India

Marketing !!

92% of your new product consumers rely on the recommendations from highly influential people. We reach out to popular Instagrammers, celebrities, and bloggers based on your products and services and use their social media accounts to gain trust for the brand among the consumers. Influence Marketing will have a measurable impact on the purchase decision.

Social Media Advertising Agency in India

Our Social Media Marketing Process

We take note of your competitors and what’s working for them alongside detailing on information about your audience and graphing the way in which they behave and then prepare Plan of Action.
Identifying Business Goals

We understand and identify your business goals and brand objectives. We plan clearly outline project deliverables and measurable business goals for your business.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

InkResults jots down the list of your main competitors; search the prominent social networks they use to get an idea about your competitor social media marketing strategy. We make sure our social media strategy is planned to keep your business ahead of your competitors.

Content Promotion & Advertising

We implement planned social media strategy & content advertising to achieve your business goals. We make sure our advertisements are very interactive and reach our targeted audience. ( Brand awareness, Return on Investment, Sales ratio etc. )

Management & Moderation

We manage all your social media advertisements and optimize advertisements to reduce CPC ( Cost Per Click ) to get best ROI ( Return on Investment ). We update all your social profiles on regular basis, consistently updating about your products or services on a timely basis to keep up our advertising efforts.

Engagement & ROI Analysis

We monitor and analyze advertisements interaction with the audience and target audience reaction for the advertisements. We keep optimising advertisements for a better audience engagement which in turn will reduce the cost of advertisements.

Analytics & Reporting

We prepare a detailed report after each and every advertisement to make you understand our efforts and the detail of results. Further, an analysis is made to devise a future strategy to make changes that will improvise the advertisement performance.

Advantages Of Social Media Marketing Services

InkResults just does not believe in talk but trusts that communication plays a key role in building strong relationships. We use data to know more about your business customers and devise a strategy to attract them in huge numbers.

Increase Brand Awareness: Social Media Marketing creates awareness among your consumers about your business which will provide a chance to build a relationship with your customers. Our team will ensure that there is consistency in the interaction between your business and customers. We have seen a potential business growth for our clients with social media marketing.

Stay Top of Mind With Your competitors: InkResults analyzes your competitors to understand about their social media marketing strategy. Social media marketing is the only marketing channel where you can target your competitor business customers and possibly convert them into our customers. we closely monitor your customers based on which a marketing strategy is devised to take care of the current consumers and targeting a wide range of new customers. Our team also assists your business in staying updated with current social media trends while providing knowledge about new strategy changes in the marketing plan.

Manage Your Company Reputation: Ink Results closely monitors your customer’s complaints and reviews to make sure your brand never gets a negative reputation in the market. We look out for anything which may negatively affect your business and correct it as soon as possible to avoid spreading the same.

Targeted Advertising: Social Media Marketing ads are not only affordable but also targeted advertising. For most of the social media marketing channels, you can target your business customers by age, gender, location and their interests etc. Our team at InkResults uses refined strategies to focus on only targeted customers to increase the return on investment.

Fast Communication: Our team uses every technique to publicly demonstrate your customer services level and enhance your relationship with your consumers. Social Media channels are the best way to keep you connected with your customers. Being connected with customers will make the communication better and faster, to understand their problems and their opinions about the service or product. This will give a big opportunity to business owners to transform the product or service to the customer need.

Higher Conversion Rate: Our team works on the most significant method of increasing the conversion rate which is humanization. All bigger brands become popular by interacting with customers on social media channels, it gives a feeling of trust to your brand and the targeted advertisements increase the conversion rate.

InkResults – Social Media Management Services in Hyderabad, In India

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